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Emotional Quotient at the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is becoming more and more in demand as a skill. First, it was a good-to-know-about thing for dealing with oneself. Then, it became clear getting to understand other people’s emotions is also a key to success when it comes to interacting with others. 

As of today, EQ is considered a powerful tool when it gets to the corporate environment. How come, you might ask? The thing is, EQ is the reason for 58% of professional success according to the researches and statistics. So, now emotions are considered a great part of a successful business development. What does it have to do with TRANSLIT?

We always keep in mind that business is about the people behind every single idea and process. So, EQ is definitely not rocket science for us. How do we deal with emotions at the workplace? 

  • Recruitment. We have several application steps, even on an internship level, just to make sure we welcome open-minded people who will bring a positive input into our team spirit and growth. 
  • Onboarding. We always, always include this part stating that the newcomer is here not only to accomplish tasks, but also to become a part of the team which works on breaking language barriers.
  • 1-on-1s. We use that for mutual reflection from both supervisor and subordinate sides on what works well, what doesn’t and whether the emotional state has anything to do with it.
  • 360-degree surveys. We tend to always be asking for peer evaluation, supervisor-subordinate feedback, self-evaluation. Just to make sure people are aware of why they are here, what is it that they do, where they are heading to and what it is that they want from a professional life. 
  • Daily routine. Just a mere ‘Morning!’ is not something we’re unfamiliar with. A small talk, ‘How are you?’ questions are inevitable part of our everyday working life.

Why do we invest energy and time in it? Indeed, the aforementioned things will not attract more clients, generate revenue or increase the number of demo sessions scheduled. Yet, it will provide our people what they need: feeling of being secure, certain, heard and recognised. That will help them to stay motivated and passionate as human beings, first of all, and be productive as a consequence.

How do you integrate EQ in your personal and professional life? Want to get familiar with our highly emotionally intelligent team? Apply for an open vacancy.


By Irina Sergeeva

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