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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Who doesn’t know about Saint Patrick’s Day? Nowadays, it is a worldwide celebrated day. One of the main raisons for these is the spread of Irish people all over the world, specially in the United States, where this day is celebrated with parades and special activities. One of the best and most famous examples is de dyeing of Chicago river in Chicago of green.

As it is a very popular party in the USA, globalisation made the rest: the entire world wants to be a little bit Irish that day.

But what do people really celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day? The 17th of March is the date Catholics (and non-Catholics as well) celebrate the day of this saint who preach the Gospel to the Celts, explaining the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity with a shamrock. Then, the shamrock and green colour will became the symbol of an entire nation and part of this celebration. Moreover, it is believed that St. Patrick banished all snakes in Ireland after 40 days of fast, when some adders attacked him. Some say this symbolised the banishing of pagan culture of Ireland as many associated the snakes to the ancient Celtic druids.

From TRANSLIT we wish you a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Author: Luis Cano Collada

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