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Remote Employment – How To Stay Connected

One of the biggest challenges and opportunities of today’s reality is distance. On one hand, it is still hard to believe you’re able to get any kind of talent and expertise from any location and make it a part of your team. And on the other hand, getting a new person on remote is one thing, but keeping them as an irreplaceable piece of your team puzzle is a totally different story. 


How to be together when your team members are apart?


First and foremost, be present. We are not only talking about regular meetings here – it’s really about concentrating on the meeting itself and on its participants. Active listening strategies would be a great help for that: 

  • Show you’re involved in the conversation by the body language: nod your head, keep the ‘open’ pose (arms are not crossed etc),

  • Paraphrase and summarise to let others know you do your best to be on the same level, and 

  • Maintain eye contact – look at other people on the screen / camera.


Encourage informal communication. Let people understand meetings are not only about work – as soon as they stay connected as people, risks of conflicts and misunderstandings are going to be minimized.


Show your team they are appreciated, no matter where they are. Sending appreciations, mere ‘thanks’ and virtual hugs are powerful tools in making people self-confident personalities and professionals. Really, we tested. 


Be honest. Of course, well-known circumstances worldwide have significantly reshaped our understanding of the way we live and work. It is important you share the things that don’t work out, you ask questions, you’re ready to get help. That would help others see you as a human being in the first place, which, in return, strengthens trust and open-mindedness within the team. 


Finally, remember: physical distance has nothing to do with the distance people feel towards each other emotionally. This is what we believe in at TRANSLIT. Not just as a company, but as a team.


//By Irina Sergeyeva// HR Manager/ TRANSLIT//

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