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SMS Language

The surge that flooded the whole world has arouse many reactions, what is « textese »?

SMS Language appeared twenty years ago with the birth of texting, it consist in reducing words maximum through several processes: abbreviation (lol), typographic puzzle, (2day), emoticons and so on.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?


  • Contrary to what some may believe, this language does not have a bad influence on the level of students’ spelling.
    According to a French study, the best of them use it.
  • Save time!
  • The emoticons are representatives of body language; they can be very useful to understand the interlocutor.
  • There is not ONE language; users can create their own language.


  • Initially, it was used to shorten the maximum number of characters in SMS. Indeed, the phone subscription previously offered a limited number of SMS, with a limited number of characters per message.
  • Today, most phone subscription allow you to send unlimited SMS, it becomes useless to use this language.
    Furthermore, the characters economy is relative and this language was useful with old phone.
  • This language is not only present in SMS and it may have taken too much girth, going up to appear on forums and even on some copies of the Bachelor!
  • Note that “textese” is old-fashioned in a while in the United States. Indeed, the size of SMS has increased significantly and we can say that he has a “bad reputation” sometimes.
  • As the name suggests (Short Message Service) texting is not made for a literary correspondence.
  • There is many ways to interpret these messages and there is often misunderstandings.



Author : Marie Daudey

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