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The Blooming Process – Employees growth in an organisation

It is an exciting tendency: the more people open up as human beings with their own potential, the more opportunities they’ve got to grow professionally. Let’s talk about this tendency in the meantime. 

We at TRANSLIT have also come to the conclusion that it’s time to treat people as personalities, not as a bunch of skills and competencies packed in a single brain. How do we actually use it? We need to explore the process of human blooming together. 

1. Seed stage

We need to seed the idea that our approach is a brand new one, so that potential team members are aware of that from the very beginning. Therefore, we emphasize why it is great to work with us by saying that We believe, We challenge, We care. Our team is not running to some business-wise stats at this stage. 

2. Germination

Alright, the idea ‘fall on the ground’, now we need to provide some warmth and water to germinate that process. How do we do that? 

3. Growth 

Now we’ve got our green flower with us, it’s time to boost them coming up. For that, we do exactly what we can – we immerse the person into tasks. As simple as that, practice proves to be the best thing we can provide.

4. Reproduction and pollination

How to ensure a plexus of personal goals and company vision, so that personal human touch surrounds our daily processes? We promote Personal Development Plan – the file where we reflect our team members’ expectations from professional growth. 

Let’s assume a person wants to become an expert in Customer Service, what does he or she need? Communication skills, self-confidence, organisational skills? Whatever the team member will focus on, we will reflect it in PDP and help to not only raise self-awareness, but also understand what kind of tasks and projects to jump to first. So, here we’ve got a win-win case again: team members know what to work on and why would they personally need it. We have, on the other hand, highly motivated people working on our processes. 

How else do we pollute our people’s talents? We spread the word about our team’s skills. We share positive feedback with the others, send appreciations in our CRM and congratulate team members on their success during our team meetings. 

5. Spreading seeds

Our people do not just grow. At this last stage we can see them fully blooming: they start sharing what they’ve got. While experienced interns tend to train the freshmen, our people volunteer to deliver trainings for the team, record some mini-tutorials, and develop manuals and diagrams of our processes. Therefore, sharing knowledge is in the air constantly. And see people’s radiance shining to others and helping them get new knowledge, expand worldview and change approaches towards work. 

So, only the last stage is the one showing the full beauty and potential of our people. Even though we can see their beauty from the very moment we say ‘Hello, can you hear me well?’ in the first interview. 




/By Irina Sergeeva// HR Manager, TRANSLIT//

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