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Event Organisers in 2022

The Ultimate Event Technology for Event Organisers in 2022

A large chunk of the event industry has moved offsite and virtual with their content over the last two years, and event technology in 2022 looks very different. Event organisers must plan for a world where 90% of large-scale events will be either hybrid or virtual in 2023 (Kaltura).

The same can be said for multilingual events in this time. Going hybrid and virtual is an opportunity for event organisers to expand their attendees geographically. Adding a multilingual feature has been complicated for event organisers due to the cost and logistical demand. But with event technology in 2022, the primary solution, like many things in this world, is in the “Cloud”.

Cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Remote simultaneous interpreting, or RSI, is where interpreters work from a remote location but in real-time, with the aid of machine learning. Remote interpreting became popular in recent years and in time, with the onset of the global pandemic, there has been a steady increase in the use of various remote simultaneous interpreting solutions. However, these haven’t filled the gap for the attendee at live events.

Despite the progress in event technology in 2022, the problems with RSI have generally surrounded listening, comprehension, and speaking with some interpreters unable to provide an adequate service live during an event, due to a lack of one of these three. The interpreter should have experience and be an expert in the language and particular content, and upskilled in such areas as note-taking, delivery etc. They also have a preference for the feel of the interpreter’s booth they are used to. Event organisers, virtual platforms, and other language agencies also want to have access to an event technology, without running the name of a third party for attendees to see during the session.

Translit RSI

We launched Translit RSI in a beta version last year to discover the needs of our clients and the event attendee. We have already clocked up 1 million minutes, over 250 immersive events, and thousands of attendees, and with that experience we perfected an RSI event platform alongside the best interpreters. It has resulted in 72% of Irish event companies using Translit RSI for the multilingual support of their events during this time.

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What are the benefits of this event technology in 2022?

1 White labelling

Now event organisers and virtual event platforms can integrate Translit RSI for a seamless branded experience. We are also supporting our colleagues in the language industry who do not have this available to them, with the white labelling feature. 

2 Fully customisable iframe

Translit RSI will allow event organisers and virtual platforms to customise how their iframe looks. They can completely change the display and experience to their specifications.

3 Easy accessibility

While Translit RSI now has its own dedicated Translit App, the attendees can easily access and experience the languages and streams via a web link through a computer or mobile app, and directly from the platform itself.

4 Better interpreting

The new update has also allowed us to improve the interpreter’s booth. Interpreters have more tools and zones available to them for better interpretation and delivery, ensuring you can schedule the most immersive in-person, virtual or hybrid event through the stream.

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The future of RSI

Event managers are looking for a complete event technology in 2022 and this time we have moved one step closer with our Translit RSI update. With the future of events looking more hybrid and virtual-focused, this is the ultimate cloud-based interpreting event solution for all event organisers and virtual platforms looking to maximise the content for their attendees in 2022.

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