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TRANSLIT At Food & Drink Conference & Exhibition 2017

Food & Drink Conference & Exhibition

TRANSLIT exhibited at Food and Drink Conference at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin on September 13th. This was the second year for us to be back.

The Food and Drink Conference was a large event. It gathered a lot of food and beverage processing, retail and services providers. It also enabled us to participate together in seminars and discussions. Over 3000 attendees came along to join us. Among them, there were hundreds of decision makers from the top Food and Beverage Manufacturers. It provided an excellent opportunity for the company to promote itself to thousands of people. To be at the exhibition as one of the exhibitors was a pleasure. There are a couple of reasons why we were excited to come back.


What happened at Food and Drink Conference

Firstly, the main theme of this year’s event was “Everyone To The Table: Keeping The Momentum Going”. A consequence of the U.K. leaving the EU, popularised by the leave campaign known as Brexit. It was an important subject concerning everyone this year. What impact will it bring to the Irish Food Industry? Multiple seminars have addressed the question. TRANSLIT is concerned like everyone else. However, one aspect that very few notice is that the English language used for communications and contracts. This has become the main issue many industries targeting non-UK markets nowadays encounter. You can find out more in our article: The Surprising Effects Brexit Will Have On The English Language. TRANSLIT professional interpreting agency is helping businesses adapt and strive post-Brexit. This event is the best channel for prospecting clients. The event is also good to receive feedback from industry on the current challenges it faces.

Secondly, there is always a great lineup of keynote speakers sharing latest industry news, issues and creative solutions to problems faced by management. During the panel discussion many up-to-date case studies on challenges and opportunities in the retail sphere were tackled. Topics such as Brexit, tourism, logistics, food safety, and sustainability were explored. For instance, the impact of Brexit on Irish tourism and hospitality. Also the plan to navigate future proof business strategy. The assembly offered us a good time to engage with people that have the common interest. We were very grateful to have taken part in the interesting conversation and met many inspiring professionals.


We arrived with our stand early to set up every necessary material needed during the day. A mini-competition was set up by TRANSLIT to get more attendees involved. The conference kicked off at 9 am. The first opening session was at the main stage. It started at 9.45 with John F Whelan, the Chairman. The venue also had other events. It was such a pleasure to give our attention to manufacturing professionals and business leaders expressing their view point at the stage.

As there were over thousands attending this conference, our team kept up at its fullest. We have been networking with peers and meeting speakers and exhibitors throughout the day. The affair eventually came to a close at 5 pm. Before the event finished, TRANSLIT were glad to get interviewed at our stand. Our experience at Food and Drink exhibition was very pleasing to share. We appreciate every one of you who visited our stand, and we hope to hear from you soon!


Interview at Conference



-Yi Hsuan Chen


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