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TRANSLIT is looking for talent!

As a company with a start-up culture, we highly appreciate fresh perspectives and ideas. Usually, we are constantly looking for interns to keep our team dynamic and open for a change. Yet, now we are open for new team members who will be permanent pieces in our TRANSLIT family puzzle. So, let’s make a common effort and find those treasures.

Good news, we’ve actually got two vacancies at the moment: Communications & Content Manager and Sales Executive.

Let’s remind you though, we are not looking for a bunch of skills – our perfect candidate profile is way deeper than that. We use this chance to provide more info on that. 

A results-driven analyst who sees marketing as a combination of interacting with people and a way to generate sales. This person has a sufficient understanding of what is required to not only to reach the right people, but also to make them fall in love with the brand. The marketing person we are looking for is the one who can do work on their own, yet they have enough teamwork skills to successfully interact with the rest of the team, be open for feedback and new areas of growth. They need to be street-smart rather than encyclopedia-smart: they have actual achievements in increasing engagement, converting leads into deals, boosting website traffic etc. In other words, we need not just theory, we need an actual pair of know-how-to-do-that hands + a passionate heart that has some space to get attached to our team. 

Another role on offer is Sales Executive. Sales people can be tough – that is, surprisingly, the profile we also need. Kind and touchy team + tough people – isn’t there a conflict? No. Let’s get deeper into analysing the profile of the person. 

We need a tough Sales Exec who: 

Knows by heart how to generate lead, convert it into a deal and successfully close sales generating revenue. 
Can negotiate, engage, educate potential and existing clients.
Eager to get to know about our services & products from A-Z and spread the word about those. 
Can transform our strategy into growing numbers of sales and reach company goals (we set challenging, yet achievable ones). 
A Sales Executive at TRANSLIT is a person who is willing to make revenue and change the strategy accordingly if needed. They need to be happy delivering demos, making calls, sending emails etc. in other words, they love people and see the actual benefits in what we offer. It’s not merely about ‘Please buy from us’ – the approach instead is ‘We’ve got really cool things here, we actually bring value, just get to know about it and you will decide in our favour yourself’. 

To sum up, we want people who will not come to learn from us, but rather take certain processes under control and help us grow instead. Why should people apply for one of these roles? Too many reasons, honestly, but if we just try to concentrate on some: 

Our people. Those are passionate enough to motivate the whole universe to work, grow and self-develop 
Freedom. There are no limits to the way you proceed with tasks or limits to the level you can reach in terms of professional growth. Want to stick to the same position? Alright. Want to grow and manage the whole department in the near future? Here you are. 
Challenge. Yes, our environment is not an easy one. And we love that – we do not get bored. Seriously, never. Just because of that we always try to improve, add, change, become better versions of our professional selves. So, the position is more about boosting your potential rather than to perform certain tasks. 

Hey, we can see you’re already up for trying to get a place? 

Applying is easy as well: 

Communications & Content Marketing Manager role: link.

Sales Executive: link.

Do you know someone who might be interested? Let’s get to them as well – feel free to repost, share the info and draw professionals’ attention to this information!

See you in our candidates’ pool!


/By Irina Sergeeva// HR Manager, TRANSLIT//

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