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What we did in 2020

What we achieved as an Employer in 2020

TRANSLIT, as a company, is a true non-stop learning believer. We tend to continuously grow and become better versions of ourselves. And we have that same approach towards our processes. Let’s see what we did from a HR perspective this year.


First and foremost, we grew significantly as a team – 2020 met us with 21 interns from Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and other countries. Our ability to connect helped to successfully provide remote internship opportunities during the pandemic. Still, the majority of the interns in 2020 were working with us physically from Ireland. 


One of our interns got promoted, becoming a Communications Executive and that is the best proof we train our people well. That was not the only job offer we sent this year. In 2020, TRANSLIT has managed to hire seven employees and contractors. For now, we have specialists in marketing, sales and PR. 


4.6 – that is our score this year as an employer based on Glassdoor reviews. We make sure we exceed our employees’ and interns’ expectations by providing, not only the necessary things to accomplish tasks, but also resources to strive for more.


TRANSLIT has significantly developed the Employee Cycle: now we’ve got clear recruitment pipelines with automated stages, emails and assessments. Moreover, our onboarding and offboarding processes now have quite efficient steps. We reshaped the way of welcoming newcomers and introduced exit interviews to make sure the company gets valuable feedback for further improvement, and lets the person be heard before they go. 


We also took care of upskilling, as passion for growth is something we share with the team on a daily basis. Therefore, we initiated ‘Learn. Share. Grow’ meetings regularly to ensure team members receive necessary trainings and develop relevant skills in a timely manner. 


2020 has not been easy for us from a HR perspective, but as usual, we managed to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Our HR people have already developed plans and strategies for next year, to achieve even more. 


In 2021, our focus will be to expand the team, to get a full automation of recruitment and onboarding, and to get more team building events and invest more time and energy into recognition of our employees’ work. 


More goals and achievements are on the way, stay tuned!

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