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Where words fail music speaks

Where words fail music speaks

Today I will tell you something about music. Music is one of the most important thing in our life. It accompanies us the whole day, no matter if we listen to it on the radio, on our mobile phones or in a Taxi on the way to a friend. Music is everywhere. Sometimes we listen to songs wittingly and sometimes unwittingly. We express our feelings through music and sometimes we connect a special memory to a song. A world without music wouldn’t be worth living.


There are so many different kinds of music. For example, Hip Hop, Metal, RnB and Pop. And there are also many different people who listen to the different genres. It connects people, no matter if you are black, white, tall or small. And if you talk to people but you don’t have any topics to talk about you can talk about music or easily listen to it. You will see, it is very easy to talk about songs or bands even if you have to talk to a stranger.

However, many people not only listen to music but playing music by their own. For most of all parents it is very important that their kids are going to learn an instrument in their young ages. But how to decide between all these different instruments? Maybe your daughter or your son could be a great pianist or maybe a drums playing rock star? First of all, you should ask your children what instrument they would like to learn. If they are uncertain about the decision, grab your kids and go to a few music classes where they can see how it works. Maybe there are instruments you or your kids never thought about. Or maybe they only want to sing. The most important thing is to make clear what they want.

By the way, I think music can also help to come to terms with the death of a loved one. There are a lot of situations where it helps. Nearly everyone has a favourite song or a favourite band and that fact can help a lot. You only have to listen to this song and remember the good times. Maybe it is not that easy but it will help you through the time because music speaks where words fail!

Words fail music speaks

By Bianca Schlereth

Source: Google Images

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