Having an Interpreter on Event: TRANSLIT Do’s and Don’ts

Having an Interpreter on Event: TRANSLIT Do’s and Don’ts 

Hiring an interpreter is much more than showing up to an event and communicating a message. An interpreter delivers highly specialised solutions for specific events, delivery of messages and project requirements. There is much more that goes into organising impressive events than making a rushed and uninformed decision. Effective translation services are widely available for specific events and communication requests. To ensure your project or requirement is delivered with the expertise you expect, consider our following Do’s and Don’ts when hiring an interpreter: 

Do Not Talk to an Interpreter Directly 

It is important that communication takes place between a professional agency and the interpreter service. It is imperative that interactions are professionally monitored and overseen to avoid any claims of unprofessionalism or confusion in the delivery of the service. An agency can also help you with the type of interpreter service that is needed to ensure a successful event or project. 

Do Not Consider an Interpreter as Part of a Conversation 

It is important that interpreters are provided structure and clear instructions concerning the project requirements or brief. An interpretation should also never be considered conversation. It is a professional service that must be delivered by your interpreter. It does not involve the sharing of your point of view or their point of view. Every interpretation must be professionally based, and the appropriate levels of communication delivered. 

Always Keep Your Interactions Professional

Interpreters are professionals in their assigned tasks. They are not there for personal entertainment, to share jokes or to deliver unnecessary forms of communication. All interactions must be professionally based ensuring that messages are communicated with the highest levels of expertise. 

Interpreters Should Always Avoid Conflicts 

It is important that cultures are not made fun of and that every delivery is carefully thought-out and structured. An interpreter must receive clear instruction as this will help them avoid conflicts in their service. Focus on creating detailed project requirements and you can easily avoid the possibility of conflicting messages and communication. 

Hire a Competent Interpreter Specialized in Their Field of Communication 

Interpreters are specialised different services. This includes accurate communication in video presentations, simultaneous interpretation and whisper interpretation. It is imperative that steps be taken to find an interpretation service in which the correct equipment and style of interpretation are integrated for the delivery of impactful, accurate and professional messages. 

Exercise Patience 

Patience is a vital element in the provision of expert solution services. Interpreters must be provided with the correct information. This includes communication of the correct messages and a breakdown of expectations for the project or event. Only with patience can your translator understand just what is required of them provide a professional service. Do not include idioms or complex terms that would be difficult to interpret in a smooth and seamless manner. 

Why Hire Professional Interpretation Services 

A professional interpretation service can deliver a high standard of professionalism and ensure that every aspect of the project requirement is addressed. Owing to their expertise and knowledge, you can rest assured that your verified interpreter can deliver the desired standard of service whether a private, business or a social event.