How to Select the Type of Interpreting Services You Need

How to Select the Type of Interpreting Services You Need 

Whether a business, social or private event; there may come a time when an expert interpretation service is needed. Unfortunately, many entities including businesses make the mistake of hiring the incorrect services or types of interpreters for their specific professional requirements. With the following tips, you can learn just how to select the correct type of interpreting services for your specific needs and interests. 

Remote Interpretation Services 

If you are hosting a remote event, it is important to search for remote interpretations services. A remote service is provided for a variety of business and presentation purposes. Remote interpretation services are delivered for events and requests from all over the world. This ensures that the appropriate measures are in place to provide what the client and the audience are looking for. 

It is important to note that a remote service would be considered inappropriate for a medical appointment in which bad news is to be reported to a patient. Always consider the appropriateness of the service for the specific event. 

Simultaneous Interpretation Services 

A simultaneous interpretation is a service in which the interpreter will deliver the translation at the same time that the message is being delivered by a source speaker. The service is most suitable for multilingual proceedings, conferences and international arbitrations. Large international events including tour guides can benefit tremendously from the availability of simultaneous interpretation services. Many court cases are also presented with simultaneous interpretation services. 


The process of chuchotage happens when a single person requires an interpretation service on a specific meeting or project requirement. The linguist will deliver simultaneous interpretation to a small target audience. Such interpreters often deliver the message in whisper to the client, simultaneously with the main speaker. 

Video Interpretation 

When communicating an international message, video interpretations are recommended. In this instance, the interpreter must be provided adequate preparation, including the correct equipment and tools to deliver the video display. A video interpretation can ensure that the correct message be delivered through remote access. Hospitals and various remote services can benefit from remote interpretation services and solutions. 

In-Person Communication 

An interpreter will deliver in-person communication which entails face-to-face delivery of the message. This is encouraged where the interpreter needs not only to be seen but also to be heard in an environment where positive communication is required. 

Phone Interpretations 

The actual translator is not available. The interpretation is delivered telephonically. This could be in cases of inheritance translations between foreign parties, customer services or business proposals and meetings. Telephonic communication by an interpreter is also considered a more private solution as the interpreter is engaging in one-on-one communication with the client. 

Consult with Your Professional Interpretation Agency 

To determine which services you need for interpretation, it is important to consult with your professional interpretation agency. With the assistance of your agency, you can easily decide on which interpreter to select and the services available. This will ensure complications and poor communication are avoided.