The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Requesting Interpreting Services

The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Requesting Interpreting Services 

Hiring a translation agency for your business requires careful consideration or the experience, expertise and the accuracy within which interpreting services are delivered. To prevent the ill-fate of a business presentation or projects being ruined through lack of professionalism, the following tips can help you avoid the 5 most common mistakes when requesting interpreting services. 

Using a Non-Verified Interpreter 

Whether a small business or individual project, many try to save on the costs of hiring professional interpretation services. By cutting corners this could mean hiring a non-verified interpreter, a friend or relative to perform the translation. Unfortunately, a lack of expertise and professionalism could lead to incorrect interpretation and give a negative impression of your project or business. 

Incorrect Services Ordered 

Most people simply proceed to select an interpreter without considering the unique requirements of the project. Interpreters specialize in delivering translations for different settings and purposes. This includes remote services such as video translations or on-site interpretations in which a live interpreter is needed to deliver a pitch. Many interpreters are also trained in specific styles of translation. Consecutive interpreters speak after a message is delivered in the source language. Simultaneous interpreting is another specialized area whereby the interpreter translates while the speaker is delivering the message. Each type of service requires training, experience and expertise. 

Neglecting Specialty of Interpreters 

As with consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, not all interpreters can deliver all forms of translation. If you have a specific interpretation requirement, it is important to consult with a professional agency to ensure the correct people are hired for the job. This ensures highly trained and knowledgeable interpreters are available to provide the desired service. Remember, one cannot hire a legal interpreter to work on technical projects. The knowledge of the interpreter should always match the requirement. 

Failure to Consider Interpreter Conditions 

As all interpreters offer a different style and standard of service, it is important that the conditions for interpretation are considered first and foremost. The details for any interpreting service must be carefully considered and communicated to the interpreter in advance. This includes proper preparation for voice or video recording and whether the necessary equipment must be delivered on-site. For remote services, the interpreter must be provided clear instruction and adequate preparation time to ensure the best possible service is met. 

Last Minute Bookings 

One cannot expect an interpreter to deliver a stellar job if a last-minute booking is made. It is important that all interpreters deemed suitable for the job be provided sufficient notice and time to prepare. Failure to produce the necessary communication and preparation could be detrimental to your project and presentation. It is crucial that sufficient time be considered for the delivery of expert and immaculate interpretation services.