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Internship Opportunities

TRANSLIT internship is a real job experience for everyone who has interest in languages and culture, translation, localisation and interpreting. We do not just provide work placements, we give an opportunity to kick-start your professional development and career. TRANSLIT team is a group of people who love what we do and are ready to help you grow. We share our energy and experience with interns training them and making them ready for any job afterwards. Join the champions team, become a part of 10-year-old company that is changing the world for the better by helping others to understand each other.

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Internship at TRANSLIT

Being inspired by our start-up culture within the team, we decided to open ourselves up for a fruitful cooperation with interns. Why would that be a win-win situation?

  • We provide a good background for people to start their professional career
  • Interns bring ‘fresh blood’ into the team with different perspectives and new ideas valuable for a company development

At TRANSLIT we do not provide a mere learning environment, but rather a chance to upskill and improve the skills you already have, enrich your professional background and boost your future potential.

When working at TRANSLIT, you will be given responsibility for different roles within the organisation, an opportunity to discover different areas of the company and see how business works from the other side. Based on your position, you will be working with a wide variety of tasks such as translations & proofreading, work with CAT tools and CRM program, customer service & care. Internship at TRANSLIT is a synergy of various responsibilities and opportunities.

Currently, we have availability to accept students on an internship placement for 5-12 months. Between the three office locations, we can typically accommodate 8-10 students during a year, cooperating with national and international Higher Education Institutions and student placement organisations. Each office has a manager. This is a great opportunity for graduates and master students to get work experience in a professional environment. We have received positive feedback from both students and sending organisations.

Contract Type

Duration: 5+ months
Type: Full Time
Days per week: 5 (Monday – Friday)
Office working hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Working hours: 40 hours / week

Possible Locations (let us know your preferences):

  • Cork office: 7 South Mall, Cork, Ireland
  • Limerick office: 18 Mallow Street Upper, Limerick, Ireland

How to Apply?

In order for us to initiate your application process, please make sure you meet all our requirements towards applicants.

  • At least B2 in English
  • Ability to get financial support (Erasmus grant, university scholarship, own savings etc.) during your stay with us, since the internships are unpaid
  • Availability for the internship for at least 5 months (we can in rare occasions consider 4 months as well)
  • Work experience in any industry (more preferably, related to the internship placement you are applying for, but Customer Service, Sales, any work in a Language industry would also be a big plus)

In case you meet all the above mentioned criteria, please fill in the form to apply for the internship

Internship Application Form

Once you submit that, you will receive an automatic notification confirming that our HR team has received your application. If you are not receiving email notifications, please check your spam folder, and then let us know if you are still unable to receive them.

The approximate period of processing with your candidacy is 1-3 days. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your time and good luck!

In case you have any questions, please contact Irina Sergeeva, HR Executive, by writing to


Office Administration Intern

Department: Translation and Interpreting, Office Administration.

Overall Purpose: You will provide office administration, marketing and project management support and assistance to your manager in the delivery of localisation projects, translation and interpreting services to TRANSLIT clients in line with Company operating standards, procedures and guidelines . 

Key Responsibilities

  • General office administration support to include letters, emails, presentations, reports and any written correspondence, as needed. 
  • Effective and efficient handling of customers queries and phone calls to drive and increase sales.
  • Priority handling and completion of urgent tasks, as needed to meet client deliverables in a timely and effective manner. 
  • Assist with managing orders to meet the needs and demands  of the business   
  • Support your manager with the effective coordination of a team of translators and interpreters to deliver a wide portfolio of client requirements. 
  • Assist with project management, scheduling and reporting and any other duties assigned to you by your manager to successfully deliver projects in scope, on time and on budget  
  • Support with translating and proofreading texts, interpreting, as needed 
  • Perform basic bookkeeping, record keeping to support your manager and the department in the effective billing of clients. 
  • Daily and weekly reporting to your Manager on work performed. 
  • Assist with any marketing and other Internet related tasks to drive efficiency and flow of information, includes working with language memory systems, localising websites, posting articles, renewing links, updating content online, ad publishing etc.tio

Marketing Intern

Department: Marketing

Key Responsibilities:

  • gain practical experience in marketing using their creative ideas,
  • raising the company recognition, awareness and visibility both online and offline,
  • reaching out to potential customers,
  • maintaining customer relationship and records,
  • drafting special offers and running promotional campaigns,
  • sending newsletters,
  • utilising social media networks,
  • doing pricing and quotation,
  • using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools and techniques,
  • generating website traffic,
  • localising websites,
  • working with CRM and e-Commerce solutions,
  • performing market research,
  • analysing competitors,
  • preparing reports and statistical data to supervisor,
  • managing orders and coordinating a team of translators/interpreters,
  • handling customers queries and phone calls, telesales, project management, basic bookkeeping, and
  • various Internet related tasks: posting articles, renewing links, updating content online, ad publishing.

Sales Intern

Department: Sales

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide sales, cold calling and telesales support, includes contact prospecting, arranging meetings, preparing sales material and emailing contacts to drive sales.
  • Maintain and update CRM for the department, as needed. 
  • Support with credit control, involves contacting clients due payment,
  • Assist with preparing and sending out quotes and invoices to clients in a timely and effective manner.
  • Coordinate and prepare timely and accurate reports for the department.
  • Resolve and handle customers queries and phone calls in a professional, timely and effective manner.
  • Maintain records, update and track client requirements in a timely and accurate way.
  • Perform bookkeeping and assist with the effective and timely tracking of company expenses.
  • Support with various Internet related tasks for the department, includes: posting articles, renewing links, updating content online, ad publishing etc.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by your manager from time to time.

Project Management / Quality Intern

Department Quality Assurance, Project Management

Key Responsibilities:

  • Accomplish account management activities (researching info as required)
  • Handle Quality Assurance tasks related to product development: keeping track of issues and reporting; supporting the coordination of project, marketing-related activities etc.
  • Support your manager with the effective coordination of a team of translators and interpreters to deliver a wide portfolio of client requirements. 
  • Assist with project management, scheduling and reporting and any other duties assigned to you by your manager to successfully deliver projects in scope, on time and on budget.  
  • Any other general support to your manager and office colleagues as required, to include data entry, research, presentations and timely reports, as needed.

HR Intern

Department: HR

Key Responsibilities: 

  • handling all types of documentation
  • assist with sorting emails in the hr@translit account: forwarding the email to relevant managers, proceeding with certain inquiries on one’s own
  • proceed with posting job adverts, sending our regrets, setting up interviews,
  • preparing interview packs, filing interview notes to meet the needs of the
  • business
  • assist with any data entry and maintenance of employee files, tracking the payroll, training, onboarding and recruitment processes
  • Support HR team with successfully executing and rolling out the internship / training & onboarding programmes end to end.
  • any other administration support and reporting, as required to deliver HR plans and strategy.