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We’re on a mission to remove language barriers to help the world understand each other. TRANSLIT’s professional team cater to all of your translation and interpreting needs. Opening the world of languages for everyone with a team of language experts supported by technological innovation. We ensure the highest standards are met every time.

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Nowadays interpreting is becoming the core of successful communication in many businesses and industries. TRANSLIT has taken this need into account and offers same-day interpretation services. If you need simultaneous interpreting for a conference, consecutive interpreting for a meeting or liaison interpretation for a specific conversation, TRANSLIT is able to provide these services with the latest technology available.

TRANSLIT offers translation services in a wide variety of industries in more than 70 different languages. From legal documentation, like court documents, to text translations like poetry, including technical translations and document translations. We always guarantee high quality results within 1-3 working days. Our certified translators are only native speakers and have experience in the field.

Whether if you need to share an advertising spot in various territories or to give the possibility to other language-speakers to understand an interview, TRANSLIT’s voice-over services will definitely break down traditional language barriers. We offer transcription, subtitling, and dubbing services. Our expert translators provide the best content with the highest-quality recording equipment.

TRANSLIT localisation services help your business to communicate more effectively with the communities and markets you seek to expand to. This is the best way to adapt the content to the specifics of other cultures and let your clients know how essential they are for you. From websites to games, apps or software, we ensure the content meets the local requirements.

TRANSLIT’S proofreading and editing services allow you to improve the style, tone, and vocabulary of pre-existing translations. We ensure your translated content is coherent, reader-friendly, and grammatically correct. Save time and money on full translation costs with this streamlined service.

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With the highest satisfaction score and NSP in Ireland, we can say that we really value our customers. Our main goal is to help everyone on Planet Earth to be able to understand each other. Together, we can build new bridges to help human potential reach their highest level.

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