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Save up to 70% of TIME and MONEY on Processing Interpreting Requests, Booking, Scheduling, Invoicing, Managing On-Site and Remote Interpreters with TRANSLIT cloud-based platform. Free plans are available for Language Service Providers, Clients and Freelancers.

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TRANSLIT platform was created to help LSPs and Language Supports Organisations to reduce time and the operating cost of managing projects and their team of interpreters; and to connect clients in need of interpreting services with suppliers.

TRANSLIT vision is to live in a world where everyone can understand each other and have easy access to language services. The platform’s goal is to bring the language community together, encourage collaboration, transparency and the sharing of resources for the benefit of all involved.

The platform enables LSPs to reduce time processing bookings, cut administration costs, manage human resources more effectively, increase profits and grow sales by having more interpreting jobs and interpreters at their disposal. It is packed with tools and functionality to support businesses of all sizes (from small 1-2-person operations to large LSPs and Enterprises with hundreds of assignments).

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The platform helps to reduce time and cost associated with managing interpreting projects, operations and resources by up to 70%.

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Simultaneous interpreting
An interpreter listens and translates on the fly into a different language without any pauses. This requires a high level of concentration as listening, translating and speaking is happening at the same time - simultaneously. Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs to switch after regular intervals to take breaks. Simultaneous interpretation is suitable for conferences, corporate events, diplomatic proceedings, training events, webinars, podcasts, court hearings. It can be delivered via sound booth and interpreting equipment on-site or via online interpreting platform.
Consecutive interpreting
An interpreter listens for a short period of time (a few words, a sentence or a few phrases) and translates during pauses. Listening, translating and speaking is done in sequence - consecutively. Consecutive interpreters can usually work for many hours. Consecutive interpretation is suitable for medical appointments, meetings, interviews, press conferences, court hearings and personal appointments. It can be delivered in person, via phone or online.
Whisper Interpreting / Chuchotage
Whispered interpreting (also referred to as chuchotage) is a type of liaison interpreting for one person usually. A chuchotage interpreter sits next to a person or sometimes between 2 people whispering into their ears what is being said without using any equipment. This can also be considered as a light form of simultaneous interpretation where an interpreter only translates the meaning on the fly and explains what is being said by dropping some parts. It is suitable for courts, conferences, business meetings, tour guiding where a person brings their own interpreter with them.
Liaison Interpreting
Liaison interpretation is a form of consecutive interpreting suitable for a small group of people. A liaison interpreter is physically present with speakers and listeners and no equipment is used usually. Phrases to be translated are kept short. It is suitable for business meetings, 1-1 appointments, employee disciplinary proceedings, parents-teacher meetings.
Sight Interpreting
Sigh interpretation is delivered by reading text and translating it on the fly verbally. It is usually required when the audience cannot read in another language and needs to understand the contents. Sight interpreters are booked for business meetings to sign contracts, training, on-screen or paper tests.
Sign Language
Sign interpreting is a unique skill without using any words. It is required for hearing impaired or deaf individuals helping them to understand a spoken language by converting it into sign language. Sign interpretation can be delivered in person or via video channel in a consecutive or simultaneous manner. Sign interpreters can even translate songs from a stage.
In-Person / On-Site Interpreting
A traditional type of interpreting where an interpreter attends an appointment face-to-face. The advantage of onsite interpretation is that interpreters can read body language and mimics and be close to the audience. On the other hand, travelling and accommodation may be required for on-site interpreters increasing the overall cost to clients. In-person interpreting can be consecutive or simultaneous.
Phone Interpreting
Phone interpretation is a form of consecutive interpreting where the service is delivered via a phone connection. An interpreter usually joins a 3-way call where 2 persons do not share a common language. It is suitable when travelling is not possible or problematic, or when interpreting needs to be delivered urgently allowing parties to join remotely over the phone.
Video & Remote Interpreting
Remote interpretation is the most preferred delivery in 2020. Clients can avail of cost-efficient distant interpreters 24/7 from any location in the world without any need for travel. The modern technology allows on-demand interpreting service to be delivered online instantly. Remote interpreters are frequently used by hospitals and police where timing is of the essence. However, nowadays, this type of service has become popular with many businesses for all purposes and formats.
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Conferences / Events
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Court Hearings
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