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Interpreting Services
Simultaneous interpreting
The interpreter listens and renders the message in the target-language at the same time as the speaker is speaking. As a rule, interpreting equipment (soundproof booths, headphones, etc.) or special software applications are used. Recommended for: Multi-Lingual Conferences, International Arbitrations, Diplomatic Proceedings, Court Cases, and Mental Health Assessments.
Consecutive interpreting
An interpreter communicates after the source-language speaker or presenter has ended their message. Interpretation takes place during brief pauses that the speaker deliberately makes, so interpreter waits until the speaker finishes an utterance before rendering the interpretation into the other language. It is perfect for Business and HR meetings; Press conferences; Interviews; Teleconferences; Parent-teacher meetings; Client-attorney meetings; Doctor-patient consultation; Court depositions and GMP-audits.
Whisper interpreting
An interpreter is seated next to the individual they are meant to interpret for. Recommended for: Business meetings where only one person needs interpreting; and courtrooms where people sitting in the back do not speak the language.
Phone Interpreting
Phone interpretation is a service where interpreters join individuals who want to speak to each other but do not share a common language via phone (usually processed in a consecutive mode). It is suitable for Hospitals, Customer Service Call Centers; Business Remote Meetings, etc.
Sign Language
Sign language interpretation is a service for impaired or deaf individuals helping them to understand a spoken language by converting it into sign language.
In-Person Interpreting
Traditional and the most effective type of interpretation due to interpreter attends an appointment face-to-face. The advantage of onsite interpreting is that interpreters can read the body of the language of people they interpret to. On the other hand, interpreter needs to travel and sometimes accommodation is required for full day assignments and that results in additional expenses, as a rule.
Video Interpreting
Remote video interpreting services are used when onsite interpreting is impossible or non-preferable for some reason, or when immediate assistance is needed. Remote Interpreting devices such as web cameras or videophones are necessary. It is best applied in various professional settings including hospitals, webinars for business and remote education.
Sight Interpreting
Type of interpreting where written text in source language is read by interpreter in the target language. It is usually required for business needs when it is necessary to understand certain writings on a short notice, as well as in notary's office, courtrooms, medical centres and for theory driving tests.
When interpreters may be required
Medical Appointment
Business Meetings
Guided Tours
Local Authorities
Court Hearings
Personal Matters
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