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Translit offers premium software translation services to companies that create and/or market software products.  Our translation services cater to all industries that contribute to the development of software. Therefore, financial companies, educational institutions, medical companies, automotive companies, electronics companies and software companies can benefit from the professional translation services we offer.

When it comes to localization services, accuracy is important—especially when you are dealing with the software industry. Therefore, Translit offers software localization services in the following areas concerning software development and marketing:

  1. Localization of the software User Interface (UI), resource files
  2. Localization of iPhone apps, apps for smartphones and tablets
  3. Translation of XML, HTML and database files
  4. Translation of all website pages and portals
  5. Translation of software documentation, User Manuals (including online help), and User’s Guides

Once we localize your software materials, we will test the products to ensure they are working properly. We will also make sure the text fits properly on all your platforms to give your customers an accurate navigational experience.  Our goal is to produce quality translations that are tailored to the culture of your diverse customers. That means when they use your software, they will have a user-friendly experience.

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