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Because our world is increasingly becoming a global economy, we are witnessing a lot of interaction between languages and cultures. And since financial information has to maintain compliance with local and regional laws, localisation of financial documents and apps is required to operate today’s financial institutions. Our financial industry translators have an extensive background in financial terminology, and we offer 24-hour IT support for all your apps.

Since most modern banking and financial organisations utilize online and mobile apps for their international customers, it becomes a necessity to create and maintain apps that are tailored to all the organisation’s global customers. That means each client—regardless of their cultural and ethnic differences—should have a positive online and mobile experience when the client transfers funds, checks online statements and makes payments.

Our translators have diversified knowledge on currencies, graphics and typesetting to give all your international clients an appropriate presentation of financial information.  Our QA testing ensures all your clients are able to navigate your apps easily in any language.

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