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5 Legalisation Services You Need

In September 2016 a Swedish man got off scot-free when charged with knowingly operating an unregistered vehicle. How did he escape the charge? He suggested that his fear of official correspondence stopped him from opening important letters that would have prevented the incident. 

The officialdocuphobia defense has been successful on a couple of notable instances in the past but don’t expect to be as lucky when it comes to your day in court.

There are many reasons people look for legalisation of documents in today’s world, and with Covid-19 and the resultant closing of borders, it added another layer of difficulty to understanding and working your way through that tricky legal jargon.

Here we will take a look at some of the popular legal services people are reaching out for in Ireland in 2021.  

This is currently one of the most sought after. Legally speaking it’s the document which assigns power to act on behalf of the person who signs it.

In action, you can imagine a child having to travel between countries. They will need a guardian by their side. A parent can sign off on this. 

Banking usually involves lots of paperwork, and people can provide Power of Attorney in order to open a bank account, close an account or to sort any other banking operations. 

Businesses often also need someone to go and sort the documentation involved with opening a new base in a foreign country. This also comes under Power of Attorney.

This relates to a written statement which has been sworn to be true in front of a person who has been authorised by the court. 

How about you need to give a statement swearing that you are not involved in or don’t own a property abroad. When you produce a sworn affidavit it becomes a legal document.

A certified true copy can be defined as a certified copy of a significant document. The important thing here is it needs to be made by a notary public, lawyer or commissioner. This differs from a copy that doesn’t have the certification stamp on it.

This usually pops up when someone doesn’t want to post an original document(Passport for example). Instead, there will be a stamped copy provided making it legitimate.

This is a process that many institutions use to ensure the legality of a document. Banks will often need this to validate the identity of the individual in question. It involves signature witnessing.

In a lot of foreign countries, in order to have your document accepted you will need to have an Apostille stamp.  

An Apostille is a certificate which authenticates a document of a public official on a document in another country.

So, in a day where bureaucracy has become even more a part of our everyday lives there is no way to avoid it anymore. Even if you are one of the officialdocuphobia sufferers.

And when you start to panic about where to turn in your time of need, make sure to keep in mind that TRANSLIT has over ten years’ experience offering outstanding legalisation services across the board.

TRANSLIT prepare, legalise, and deliver in a short space of a time with a team of dedicated professionals who know how to meet your needs and have done this all before.

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