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Annoncing the Launch of TRANSLIT RSI Platform

Our CEO Alex Chernenko formed the company in 2009 with a motive to provide language solutions in an easy and accessible manner to everyone. With the same objective in mind, we are launching our breakthrough technology for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, TRANSLIT RSI.

During the pandemic, the demand for remote interpreting skyrocketed. Many important conferences of 2020, like the Microsoft Build or the Google I/O Developer, were held remotely . Language industry observed similar trends too. Locworld, the most popular language business event, was initially cancelled and then organised online from 27-28 July 2020. Another renowned language industry conference, ATA’s (American Translators Association) 61st Annual Conference, took place online last year between 21-24 October, which is a big annual American Language Industry Conference.

This year, we will continue to witness similar trends. Locworld has already announced its annual conference to take place remotely from 27-28 January 2021. And it certainly will not be the first or the last event to take place remotely this year. 

Even when normality returns, with life back on the streets, in shopping malls, and with restored travel opportunities, we may still see this trend of working remotely. 2020 has brought a major shift in established norms of work and ways of life, we at TRANSLIT reckon several events like urgent executive-level decisions, routine interdepartmental or international meetings and discussions, business, and corporate negotiations will be held remotely. Not just large organizations, smaller businesses, startups, and non-profit organisations with scarce resources will prefer virtual solutions over offline, on-field events. In fact, our TRANSLIT RSI platform launch event has been planned virtually. 

We at TRANSLIT are determined to bring to you a new and innovative solution for all your interpreting needs. We are officially launching our new technology on 19 January. Our platform will be accessible 24/7 for our users. Using our technology, online and offline event organisers can deliver simultaneous interpretation to their attendees. The best part, organisers don’t need any expensive equipment to run the event. The platform is available as an app and on the web, which makes it easily accessible.

We will talk about its features and functionalities in our exclusive launch event on Tuesday. We will also share the plans and benefits of the platform for LSPs, interpreters, and businesses.

The main launch event is split into the following sub-events:-

1. Introduction – The event will kick start with our CEO Alex Chernenko talking about TRANSLIT’s decade long journey.

2. Presentation of TRANSLIT RSI Platform by Alex Chernenko

3. Language Service Providers experience with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation by Julia Tihonava (Customer Success Manager, TRANSLIT)

4. A Short Quiz.

5. The Product overview.

6. Last but not least, there will be a small breathtaking Irish Dance performance to keep you amused. 

Alex will also take questions from our attendees for the FAQ session and clear all your doubts about the platform.

This is an exciting opportunity for us. We want to make this event more special for our attendees, who showed faith in us and booked their seats at the event. Therefore, we will end our event with potential partnership opportunities, offers, and discounts for all the attendees.

Book your free seats now to join us and support us in this celebration.

We look forward to welcoming you all!


//By Garima Jaiswal/Content Marketing Executive /TRANSLIT//

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