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Can Good Translation Skills Make You A Good Account Manager?

Stories about multipotentiality at TRANSLIT

Have you ever heard of multipotentialities? That is a truly ongoing tendency referring to people who do not define themselves experts in only one field. There are different types of such people: those who have a full-time job and work part-time in another field, and those who have several part-time jobs, which come from different industries, provide separate freelance services and have nothing to do with one another. 

The best part is that multipotentialities have a great ability to combine skills, bringing expertise from one field to another and thus coming to creative solutions, thinking out-of-the-box and innovative approaches.

How would that be related to TRANSLIT? 

We do support cross-departmental teamwork thus raising our own multipotentials.

Think of it this way: translation would mean transforming a piece of information from one ‘packaging’ (language) to another. So, there is a transfer, but it is way more complex than it appears at the first glance: you also consider the industry, translator’s personality and background etc., as those will affect the way the translator would process the information, shape the final version of the text and provide it to the client. 

What if we actually try to consider the same shift, but when it comes to our team skills? Employee’s knowledge and competencies are also a unique story shaped by the way a person has been raised, what kind of work and academic background took place throughout life etc. Therefore, it seems like an exciting journey to at least consider how much different views, expertise and hidden talents we might have! So, we at TRANSLIT decided not to be just dreaming of it, but actually start implementing the approach. 

We believe that it’s time to break not only language barriers, but also departmental ones. If you belong to the marketing team, it doesn’t mean that you become a fully marketing-focused brain from 9-5, Monday-Friday, using your ability to create content, analyse website traffic and engage with the target audience. Team should be flexible in a mindset, we think: your empathy gained from working in psychology can help with marketing processes, analytical mindset after working in sales can help in project management etc.

Our team members have experience in teaching, chemistry, tourism and many other fields which are not related to general marketing, sales and other departments. As a result, our HR people write articles and run webinars, project managers become key elements in the proofreading process now and then, and quality managers play a starring role in account management. So, the more skills a person has, the higher the chances those will be used. 

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