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Conscious Recruitment – How We Choose People At Translit

Tests, assessments, recorded introductions – there are numerous ways to screen candidates for a job or internship. This tendency has appeared due to the fact that it is challenging to compare candidates nowadays. The majority of the applicants have significant work experience within the field your vacancy is focused on, endless achievements and great visuals in their CV, so you as an employer will get completely lost on who to proceed with. 

At TRANSLIT we do our best to apply a so-called conscious recruitment approach. We pay attention to each practice we implement and each stage of the recruitment in our company is not a way to follow common trends, but rather a conscious choice based on certain facts and beliefs that we share in the team. Let us share the stages you would go through as an applicant for a position at TRANSLIT: 

1. Application form – the way we get the basic info about you in order to see whether your background matches our requirements. If that is not the case, we definitely save both your and our time. 
2. Pre-internship assessment/test task – at this stage, we see whether you have got the skills and competencies we consider must-have.
3. First interview – only here we get to finally meet. Why at this stage? Because we now can ask precise questions, since we have got an idea about what you’re capable of, you are aware of what we might expect from you based on the assessment you went through. The main goal is to get to meet and, most importantly, to see you as a human being. Are you as active as the candidate profile we have in mind? Do you share the same values as we do? 
4. Second interview – you’ve got skills we need. You look like a great match to our team. It’s time we check your ability to get into the working process and improve our processes. This meeting is usually delivered by the Hiring Manager.
5. Final meeting with the CEO. Interns do not get to this stage, but future employees – yes. The main point is that terms & conditions are discussed and agreed upon. 

Sounds like a complex process. In reality, it’s quite easy and simple, as soon as you see the meaning of each stage and are motivated to find just the right people. In the long-run, that is a valuable experience for the applicants. If you ever become a part of TRANSLIT, that experience has a significant value in your CV.  

Are those permanent? Definitely, no. We see the most efficient way of finding people by using this workflow. Yet, as soon as we see potential in a new approach – it will be there. Challenge yourself and apply for open positions in our company, let’s discover your determinism, willingness to grow and courage to use each opportunity you’re given!

//By Irina Sergeyeva// HR Manager/ TRANSLIT//

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