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Employer Brand → Company Soul Packing – A Story Of Transition

What is employer brand (or brand at all)? 

Try to pick one answer from the following options before we continue: 

– Brand is positioning yourself in the market, taking the place you’d like to take
– Brand is a reflection of something you’ve got inside the company, making it visible to the outsiders
– Brand is pretending to be something you’re not on a daily basis

In one way or another, brand can be pretty much anything from the above. Yet, from the perspective of TRANSLIT, brand stands for packing the company soul in a way the others can feel it too and become closer to us. 

The main reason for working on the brand for us – and we consider that the best motivation ever – is to bring awareness to the team on what our company is. In other words, employer brand first stands for the internal team, only after that to the job / internship applicants. We want our people to feel like they’re at home, to feel that they belong to something way more joyful, meaningful and memorable rather than a mere bunch of tasks every day. 

How do we do that? We follow a few simple steps:

1) It is possible to see the meaning of the company only if the top management clearly sees it. That is why our CEO and the key managers in the team are the first people who are 100% on why they are here, what their mission is and where the company is heading to 
2) Next level would be about the team – we need to let people see the meaning of their daily tasks. As soon as they are aware of their own roles in the company, we can proceed further
3) Further on, it is to make outsiders want to become a part of our family. Now we are all happy and aligned with what we do, it’s time to make others feel that too!
4) Every business is still about helping the society. Therefore, our last stage would be to educate the society on the value we bring to the world. And actually bringing it. 

Sounds like a plan? Yes! Do we always succeed at each level? Most likely, no. Are we happy still since we dedicate 100% to that? Sure.

Join our employer soul branding movement and apply for an open position at TRANSLIT!


By Irina Sergeeva

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