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Farewell – How To Treat Offboarding As An Opportunity

Saying ‘bye’ is something most companies are afraid of. It seems like letting people go is an indicator that the employer has done something wrong: chose the wrong person, did not provide enough information and resources, did not encourage and support. 

We at TRANSLIT apply a totally different approach: we welcome offboarding and pay the same attention to it as to all the other Employee Cycle steps. 

Our team is dynamic – interns are a constant part of our family, since we always promote our internship placements. In the end, there are always people who come and go in the company. Therefore, we had to think properly about how to use the saying-bye step as an opportunity. And we found the way. 

The offboarding process starts at least a few days before a person leaves the team. We organise a meeting at which the supervisor and the leaving team member discuss how to delegate his or her tasks smoothly to somebody else and how this process will be arranged. Usually we agree on that the leaving person holds a few meetings with their colleagues and trains them to take the ongoing projects. The delegation part is done so what else is missing? 

Employer Brand. We always mention that employees can leave a review about us as an employer, so that more people will get to know us better. In return, we are always open to providing great references (since we’ve only got great professionals at TRANSLIT). So, it’s a win-win case once again. Is there anything else we take care of when it comes to offboarding? 

Yes, the employee wellbeing. It is our intention to stay connected with all TRANSLIT team members, no matter if they are still with us or were a part of our family a few years ago. For that, we talk. That is called an Exit interview, when you get to ask for honest feedback from the person about what we do great, what are our areas of growth etc. We also emphasize the fact that our doors are not closed, we will be happy to get to hear from the former team members and share updates from our side. 

TRANSLIT sees each Employee Cycle stage as an opportunity. A pool of them, actually. That is why offboarding is also a great chance for us to grow, develop, attract more people and make the world a better place together. 

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/By Irina Sergeeva// HR Manager //

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