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Farran uses TRANSLIT’s expertise to expand and build a strong relationship with their audience

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About Farran

Farran is a millimeter wave technology company based in Cork, Ireland. Farran has been on the leading-edge of millimetre-wave development for over 40 years. Serving emerging and mature markets, covering Radar and Imaging, Communications, Research, Test and Measurement, and Aerospace. Farran is a trusted innovation partner to billion-dollar companies, system integrators and research organizations worldwide.

Service Type

Website Localisation


Language Pair

English to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian

“We needed our new website translated into multiple languages. Kate was a pleasure to deal with, providing regular updates on the translation project as it progressed and ensuring a review was carried out on each language when implemented on the site. We would be happy to recommend TRANSLIT to others and we will be returning for any future translation needs for our business.”
Aoife Keane
Marketing Executive


In April 2021, Farran, one of the world’s leading technology companies on the millimeter wave technology market, was looking to expand its global presence and grow its business. They were looking for a reliable partner, who would be able to deliver translations, that engage their customers and help to build a strong brand in Japan, Korea, China, and Russia. An in-depth understanding of each market’s needs and culture was a must. 

There were about 15,000 words requiring translation and editing. The turnaround time was set at ten working days.


Website content was exported in HTML format. TRANSLIT localisation engineers identified source coding issues and worked to solve them in the files. They fixed tag issues and fonts before launching the translation stage of the project. That further resulted in lack of formatting issues at the post-production stage. 

At TRANSLIT we understand that translation of technical and marketing content is not a simple process: a mere numerical mistake, a wrong name or a term’s misinterpretation can result in serious consequences. Therefore, the TRANSLIT project manager analysed the website content and the terminology used and assembled a hand-picked translation team according to the content specifics. All translators, editors and proofreaders involved into this project met the following criteria: 

  • they were native speakers of the target languages.
  • they possessed a linguistic degree.
  • they were all certified by a well-recognised translation association (e.g. ITIA, IFT, AIPTI, etc.).
  • and most importantly, they had a documented experience in marketing and technical fields approved by a panel of experts or peer reviewers.

TRANSLIT linguists have invested the time and effort to understand Farran’s business, products, and services in order to provide the best translations possible. Linguists for each language joined their efforts to produce bilingual glossaries of technical company-specific terminology for consistent use throughout the document. While keeping the native audience in mind, they also focused on giving the native local touch to the translated information and maintaining tone and style. In some instances, transcreation techniques were used so the text on the website sounded natural to the target markets. 

To facilitate the internal communication and query management procedure, our project management team organised user-friendly cloud-based environment, where all linguists and the project manager could discuss the project-related questions in real-time. Where required, the accumulated queries were passed to the client for clarification. Thus, it was a smooth and time-efficient procedure. 

Once the translation and editing works were completed and the target text was embedded into the client’s CMS, there was the time for post-production review. TRANSLIT professional proofreaders, the native speakers of the project’s target languages, reviewed the localised website not only for the localisation bugs (e.g., cut text, untranslated pieces, consistent translation of elements, etc.) but from the client’s audience perspective. The reports with the recommendation for improvements have been run by Farran, and necessary amendments have been made.


Client appreciated the translation and post-production review delivered on time, so the multilingual websites were published on the planned launch dates. 

In this project, TRANSLIT’s aim was to help Farran to make their website more accessible to potential customers, clients, and partners around the world. Due to the proper project management, professional and experienced linguists, and our sincere care, we achieved our mutual goal. 

The project is proving to have been worth the investment: just over one month since their launch, the four different localised homepages are among the most visited pages across the entire site.