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Lost in Translation: Forget about me

It must be really hard to be type-casting. The cinema industry has this dangerous ideas that forbide actors and actress to have a promising career. But some of these actors find the way to get over this kind of barriers and, in spite of the subtext of some movies tittles and some film Banners, they always can pass through the problem. Jim Carrey has always been consider a cinema clown. His movements, his gestures… everything in his ways involve a histrionic and “court jester” manners. In Hollywood Carrey won his fame as a clown, but occasionally he proved that he also can perform dramatic characters. Anyhow the system tried to put him apart and making him feel like a clown. There is a film that summarize all this situation.


Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind (Michel Gondry, 2004). Gondry was building a great French director reputation. In 2004 he filmed this feature with a lot of visual effects. But of course there he was: Jim Carrey the movies clown. The original tittle was change in the Spanish version because of commercial business and that’s how it was translated as olvídate de mí (forget about me). This tittle seems to be more appropriate for a teenage comedy.

The original tittle refers to a shakespeare’s verse. A verse from Midsummers night’s dream. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind makes Gondri’s film adjoin to Shakespeare work. This makes us think about love and its oniric effects on the people who suffer it. Both works make us think about love like a dream to weak up from. As Puck says at his final soliloquy in Midsummers night’s dream, “Think but this and all mended/ That you have but slumer’d here/ While these visions did appear. / And this weak and idle theme/ No more yielding but a dream…” and Gondry used something from the Shakespeare work.

Forget about me erase all that meaning. Even the film poster is offering another thing. The poster consist in Jim Carrey’s smile and rolling his own eyes in a funny way. Jim Carrey and Gondry deserve more than this.

Author: Jesus Lopez Alarcon

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