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How To Build A Perfect Environment Within A Team?

The modern corporate world is a treasure box: you can always find something incredible about how different companies build the communication within their team. TRANSLIT has also gained quite an experience in trying different communication strategies out, and we have found our golden middle. These are our key communication elements:

  • Respect. No matter how hard your working day was, we tend to stick to only the good vibes within the team, sharing support and showing commitment and understanding – all are dedicated to making the company a better place.
  • Openness. If we feel something’s not right – we share. If we’ve got a complaint – we say it out. If we’re about to get into conflict – we jump into conversation first, seek advice from supervisor and HR, but never let such cases go with the flow.
  • Question is a priority. Sometimes there are situations with two options: you either stick to business-wise discussions or go personal. And here we give the team a choice with the power of questions. For instance, we ask ‘How was the weekend?’ instead of saying ‘So, you, tell us, what has happened to you lately?’. Seems like a small detail, but in reality that approach shapes the way we value each team member’s personal borders.
  • Friendship. We may not be best friends with everyone in the team, having a cup of tea each evening, yet we do not consider each other as some random strangers who work for the same company. And with that friendly approach stating ‘You’re here as a personality, not as a tool to perform duties’ we communicate from the very first day.
  • Equality. When it’s not about the strategic decisions, our interns are the same decision makers as we are, each team member can contribute and share ideas regardless of the experience and department. Only by being partners here we can evolve as a team. Our organisational hierarchy is just to understand the workload of each person, not to show some people can do more, and some can do less. 

After all, we’ve got a professional and respectful environment, see each other as professionals and totally admire the whole talent pool we’ve got. Still, first we value the people we’ve got, since in order to move on and pursue goals, the key role will be given to motivation, commitment and passion, not to experience, skills or portfolio. 

What kind of communication strategy do you choose for your team? 


/By Irina Sergeeva//HR Manager, TRANSLIT//

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