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Interpreters Life – Silent but Essential

In the news we hear a lot about conflicts and problems in many parts of the world, be it Ukraine, Gaza or the Euro crisis. With diplomatic talks and negotiations politicians try to deescalate wherever possible.

However, what we see on TV, footages of the impressive parliament buildings interpreters life or G8 and UN meetings. The camera is always directed towards the politician himself. What would you say, however, if you were not able to understand what this person is actually trying to explain interpreters life?

This article is designed to make people, you and everyone else, aware of those who are never seen but still essential to international communication: interpreters.Interpreters Life

In conferences and meetings the most common form of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting. That is, when the interpreter starts interpreting what the speaker says after around three seconds. The interpreters sit in special boxes which are equipped with headphones and a microphone.

Through special equipment the interpreter’s voice is then transmitted  interpreters life into the earphone of a politician who requires the respective language. Simultaneous interpreting interpreters life is the most demanding form of interpreting interpreters life. It requires high level concentration as well as a thorough knowledge of the subject. In one box there are two interpreters, since they have to take turns during a conference.

The voice of an interpreter is his most important tool, that is why numerous interpreters buy a special insurance for their voice. interpreters life The “World of Interpreters” is not so big, thus networking and self-marketing is of great importance.

So next time you see someone on a platform interpreters life giving a talk in a foreign language you know more about the person in the box who interprets the talk for you.#

Author: Thomas Koeck

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