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Is It All About The Job? How To Address The People Behind The Business

In modern society one of the very first questions that a person always asks is: ‘what do you do for a living?’

Work does affect people’s life, as they spend at least a third of their lives performing a job (let alone the time we need for basic needs, work becomes one of the primary things we dedicate most of our time to). 

So, it is essential to make sure a job is something that a person enjoys doing – imagine spending over 40 hours per week on something that’s not ‘your thing’. 

Yet, each job is not a bunch of tasks – ideally, it is a perfect match between the company needs and personality traits that can make corporate goals achievable. 

How can you make sure people realise that as well? After all, it’s not just about the responsibilities, it’s not just about the person, it is about the people behind the business. 

We at TRANSLIT go for people first: we’ve got Kate, not just a ‘Quality Manager’, Svetlana, not a ‘Training Development Manager’, Julia, not a ‘Customer Success Manager’ etc. 

We then also address them according to the role they play in our corporate life: Kate becomes our main reliability for all questions, Svetlana – as our heart and soul of the training department, Julia – as the caretaker for our office admins and so on. 

Why would we do that? We know that it’s not enough to hire ‘good people’ – in the end of the day, every business needs results. Still, we know it’s not enough to say: “you are doing a great job” – sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard the person tries, the environment, responsibility level or company needs just do not fit the employee. So we work hard to make sure that our people are given the place where they feel belonging, are comfortable performing duties and encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and grow.

So, the recipe is simple: you come up with the core skills you’re looking for, add a bit of candidate profile preferences, search for people who match at least the majority of them and then do your best to let people know they become irreplaceable team members due to their unique combination of skills and characteristics. 

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