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Mad Max: the Language of the Future

Mad Max: Fury road will be release today, the 15th of may, so we have decided to dedicate an article of lost in translation to the science fiction and its vocabulary.

Even the smallest details are important on Science Fiction productions.  I’m not saying that a small detail could ruin the whole film, but we can say that every detail counts. Somebody said that film experience is 25% what you see and 75% what you heard, so the vocabulary that you use on the film is really important. The science fiction is a show where you can see the future world, future vehicles, future society… but what about the future language? The future language on a science fiction film is a must.


Stanley Kubrick did a great job in Clockwork Orange (1971), Based on the Anthony Burgess novel. The characters in both works, the film and the novel, talk a weird dialect that match perfectly with the environment of the movie. They manage to get us into the future.

George Miller did the same job with the vocabulary on Mad Max (1979, George Miller) but any way it was hide on the spanish version.

So a science fiction film is not just the visual effects such as flying cars, laser guns or, in the Mad Max case, the naked and post-apocaliptic world that is coming up. Language, another way to create science fiction, determine the experience.

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