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How to motivate people in times of uncertainty

New year usually means new goals, plans and dreams to come true. Yet, 2021 seems to be one of the least predictable years. Employers may experience that even more than employees – as the business owners, you need to guide people and give them direction (which usually equals to certainty) to follow. So, would our approach towards planning be different this time?

Different companies switched to various ways of strategy planning – from one month to even one week ahead. One thing still remains in demand – the way companies would encourage people to follow whichever strategy they promote. How to make sure people would keep going where you want them to go, since you do not know yourself what tomorrow will bring your company? 

One of the best approaches TRANSLIT has defined is giving employees certainty in being a part of the team. Having a small talk, virtual team building events, quick chats and short sentences at the end of the message – all those small details are to help people keep feeling that they are not individuals, but belong to the group. That, in return, generates a feeling of safety and generates calm. 

Once we’ve got that, we need to push people’s mind towards opportunities rather than problems. Therefore, we apply a positive-oriented approach. We do not see problems – we reshape our way of thinking to see challenges and gain new skills. We do not have obstacles – we have an opportunity to find new ways of doing things (let’s admit it: once you have just one path, you would stick to that). 

Yet, we cannot promise any future outcomes, especially now. So we don’t: we set the direction and plan 1-1 sessions with supervisors to track the progress and apply modifications if we see the need. That allows us to maintain connectivity, get guidance and expertise from the supervisor (who is also a mentor sometimes). 

So, there is no single approach – we keep many things in mind at once. Does it always work? No. Do we have space for improvement? Sure! And we improve processes but do things together. 

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