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The French Language in Danger?

[cml_media_alt id='6015']parlez-vous-francais[/cml_media_alt]*Do you speak French?

Is the French language in danger? This is a great debate in France. Globalisation and development of Internet has led to the emergence of Anglicisms, which have become omnipresent in the French language, some examples: Has been, investigate (Investigate), the buzz…

However Anglicisms are not the only reason why French is mistreated. Incorrect links, spelling and syntax errors and pleonasms are now recurring problems in France. Today Jean Maillet denounces “linguistic crimes” that are very present in the media, an opinion that is shared by many French. One study found that athletes are seen as the dunces of the class, 78% of respondents say they are the ones who commit the most of mistakes, followed by celebrities and journalists. Even Nicolas Sarkozy, our former president is not innocent, we could write a blooper just for him.
But athletes, celebrities and journalists are not the only culprits, young people today are trying to change the language. “Young speech” is often seen as a threat. Indeed, young people have their own way of speaking and this practices, which have primarily a social goal of integration in a group, can put our language in danger.

Author: Marie Daudey

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