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TRANSLIT and Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing will always be one of the fundamental issues in the running of a successful business.


We want our employees to have a rest –


More and more research is being focused on the way employees feel about themselves as people. Indeed, the way they perceive work correlates with the outcomes of their performance. How else can you ensure a high level of job satisfaction apart from obvious financial stimuli, promotion and interesting projects?


Let people stay away from work for a while – 


As TRANSLIT’s CEO, Alex Chernenko, once mentioned, it is important to stick to life-work balance (not vice versa). The thing is, the more harmony you have in life from the perspective of having all aspects of your life stable, the more satisfied and motivated you feel generally. No matter if you are a fan of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or support any other theory, the concept is the same – once basic needs are satisfied, you are resourceful to go to the next level. 


Boosting your employee’s potential also lies in giving them an opportunity to find a perfect balance for themselves between work and personal life. We tend to track extra working hours and do our best to let people know it is not the company requirement. We try to encourage people to really recharge instead of having one day for other to-do lists. We encourage team members to self-realize as professionals instead of having just enough energy for accomplishing tasks.


A strategic approach towards the people you work with is vital to remain a team. We value knowledge, learning and challenges, since we are resourceful for those. If we feel that rest is needed, we do our best to make sure the tasks will be delegated or completed before we go. 


Yet, there is one occasion in particular when the whole team is having a rest – the holiday season. Once we celebrated it within the team via virtual and offline events, we made sure people were taking days off just to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. Because we know, the key to success is having people bound, not by non-stop shifts, but by the team spirit and willingness to grow. 


On behalf of the team, TRANSLIT wishes you all, a great holiday season. And don’t worry, we also planned this post in advance so we could celebrate this with you!

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