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TRANSLIT supported TARSTONE with Staff Training Materials Release in Multiple Languages

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About Tarstone

Since its foundation, Tarstone Road Maintenance Limited has been a specialist contractor in the field of bituminous pavement construction and maintenance, civil engineering and related activities. Tarstone are primarily involved in road construction and maintenance and provide a comprehensive range of services including traffic management and liaison with local authorities, and relevant statutory bodies. The company is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and is fully committed to providing a professional service to all of their clients. This is aided by a policy of training, development and innovation while also adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. Tarstone take H&S very seriously and have achieved an A grade Safety T Cert accreditation for the last number of years.

Service Type

Localisation of Educational Materials


Language Pair

English to Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Croatian


This was a large project where we were required to localize Induction Training course content into multiple languages, including Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Croatian. The format of the final presentations was requested to be mp4 with the narration done for each language. The total word count to be localised was 70K words, which included course content, images and schemes. The course content being Technology in nature required linguists with experience in handling similar content.

The client came with specific requirements in regard to the quality of translation, turnaround time and budget. In order to fulfil all requirements, it was necessary not only translate the content but also do the layout works to ensure the target presentations look neat even if the length of the translated text exceeds the original one. Furthermore, since the Induction Presentation contained many schemes in image format which required localisation and adaptation for the target languages, the artwork was also required.  


Due to this project was complex, this called for multiples teams to come together: translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP engineers, narrators and QA engineers worked together to handle operations and ensure top-notch quality. We understood that in order to impeccably complete this project, we had to facilitate seamless communication between the multiple parties involved in this project. TRANSLIT project managers used internal project coordination system to ensure all parties were able to work simultaneously and use its communication feature to avoid any ambiguities or loopholes in the project.

It was vital that these translations were timely and accurate, as they were being used to train new non-English speaking staff while explaining safety precautions, communication policies and technical guides. TRANSLIT built a specialist team of linguists from the start of the project to ensure quality. For this project selecting the right linguists with the knowledge of construction technologies and terminology was essential. We applied filters to select an ideal list of linguists from our database. For this project, we short-listed certified professional linguists with expertise in Construction and Road Maintenance Technology. All of them were native speakers of the target languages and had over 10 years of experience in translations.

The modern technology was deployed to host the translation process, track the status and progress on each file, and ensure that the translations were captured in a memory to be re-used when necessary. In addition, glossaries and terminology bases were created to maintain consistency across all presentations.

To facilitate the whole process, finalised translations were sent to DTP engineers immediately and the artwork of the schemes and images was done simultaneously. Our desktop publishing experts adapted the formatting and layout, edited images and graphics, and gave work that final layer of polish. Review and QA was one of the key parts of the localization workflow – we set up dedicated review process to check the translated presentations for cut text, English artefacts, and other localisation issues.

The next step was narration. TRANSLIT proprietary base made it easy to find an appropriate voice actor for each language. Due to it was an educational content, the narrators selected for this project had a calm firm but friendly down-to-earth voice to keep the attention of the trainees. The narration took place in the recording studios with professional equipment used. The final stage was syncing the narration with the presentation videos and check the mp4 files for any sound glicks. Once all check rounds were successfully completed, the finalised mp4 files had been delivered to the client.


The client’s H&S dept. confirmed the appropriate quality of the delivered video presentations. Through employing the service of TRANSLIT, Tarstone was able to introduce localised Induction training to their foreign employees quickly and efficiently. TRANSLIT proved yet again that it could be relied upon to provide seamless translation services to its customers in minimal time, efficiently and without hassle.