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Useful Resources for Free Language Learning

The importance of language is essential to every aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. Language helps us to inform people around us of what we want, what we feel, and question/understand the world. We communicate, by using our words and tone of voice in a multitude of situation. Being able to communicate with each other, that is what separates humans from other animal species. It drives our lives and better ourselves. So we want to help you out with this list of 40 useful resources for free language learning.

September 26 is a day to celebrate the European Day of Languages – an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge, or even begin to learn a new language. revised thousands of thematic resources, flipped through hundreds of pages and prepared for you a list of useful resources for free language learning.

European Day of Languages


  • – careful selection and classification of materials for learning English: online dictionaries, school, gallery, translators, tutors, tests, textbooks, videos, games, software for Android, iPhone, YouTube-feeds, and more. All for free.
  • – Full of textbooks and books for download. Works well search engine. You can find everything.
  • – site of the British Council. Tests, grammar, games and more. All in English, so beginners will be quite difficult to navigate, but worth to try.
  • – a variety of materials for the study of modern language.
  • – quite an advanced site, lessons, articles and videos. Before you begin to explore, choose the “Russian language” on the main page.
  • – Solid resource in California. Its main task – teaching English as a second language. Ability to download and work with a lot of podcasts, printouts and dictionaries.
  • – a “bomb” for teachers and students of secondary level. A little bit complicated navigation. However, the point is that podcasts are collected from around the world on a variety of topics. Printouts and explanations (all in English). You can compare your pronunciation from Canada, England, Australia, etc.


  • – a good site with lots of information verification tasks, all in French.
  • – the best Russian-language site will be especially useful in the first stage, as the explanation of Russian grammar, and all the texts are translations.
  • – Air-French video course. Resource English and all the explanations in English. So at the same time tighten their skills in the study and the English language.
  • – video, audio, grammar exercises, music library.
  • – interactive video, audio, assignments, tests and dictionaries.
  • – here you can find the French, learning Russian, and thus together to practice your skills.
  • – you are invited on this site to practice conversational French and listening comprehension. The site will be of interest to those who plan to study in France. You will learn how to open a bank account, look for an apartment and much more. There are grammar exercises.


  • – a lot of books, audio, video, forum. A lot of useful and diverse information.
  • – Dictionary of the Spanish language.
  • – video for different levels of understanding. We mainly focus on everyday conversations. In addition, there is the text and video of the Spanish-English translation of those dialogues.
  • – collection of dubbed texts. The texts are divided into genres (plays, stories, poetry, articles about culture / traditions, etc.). You can start with the “mas leidos” (most read) or “mas valorous” (has the highest rate).
  • – simple and effective online textbook Spanish. Do not need to download or buy. Suitable for those who already know how to read in Spanish and knows basic terms such as “noun”, “adjective”.
  • – very interesting vocabulary. You type, for example, in the search box the word “azul”. It gives you a dictionary entry with all the values of the word.
  • – texts from the Cervantes Institute, which is divided into 3 levels. Conveniently, providing an explanation (grammatical, lexical). For the most part placed detectives, so interesting to read.


  • – English website with detailed thematic sections.
  • – grammar, exercises, training for the development of hearing and the correct pronunciation.
  • – German course on the German radio station «Deutsch Welle». The site contains news and files in mp3 format on a variety of topics.
  • – On the site, you will find a variety of news, one way or another connected with the German language. In addition, you can practice German online, passing tests and lessons presented on the site.
  • – extensive catalog of references to the Russian, German and foreign sites dedicated to the study and improvement of the language.
  • – a fascinating site for those who are studying the German language, a lot of useful and interesting information.
  • – Helena Shipilova. Who has ever started learning German independently probably already heard her name. Be sure to look and see all of her lessons on YouTube.


  • – wonderful training site that aggregates grammar, vocabulary, exercises, dictations, tests, games, proverbs, songs and videos.
  • – site contains a lot of information for beginners.
  • – news, detailed explanatory grammatical descriptions, texts read by level of complexity, music, videos, and materials for teaching children.
  • – dictionary of spelling and pronunciation.
  • – thorough and thoughtful Vocabulary – phrasebook with 100 topics. Can be downloaded in two versions – with and without translation. In addition, there are many other Italian languages.
  • – A compilation of links, exercises. Community is constantly updated.
  • – a selection of teaching materials, exercises, links, tests and news.


  • – grammar and rules of reading in the Czech language.
  • – «the most-most” in Czech. For example, the longest word – nejneobhospodorovávatelnější.
  • Kurz Češtiny – video tutorials for beginners. There is much to learn for themselves.
  • – the study of language in pictures. No advertising.
  • – interesting slang dictionary. Subscribe to our newsletter, and you will get a new word every day with its clarification.
  • – audio and video lessons of the Czech language for beginners. You can download the full transcripts, and supporting materials for highly passionate disciples even control tasks.
  • – Jan Slavikova lives in Prague and teaches Czech language to students in person and through Skype. However, on this site has collected a lot of material that can be used in order to self-study.

Unfortunately, to input all the languages in one article is impossible, therefore, please offer in the comments your favourite resources, and we will make another selection.

My advice to you: “Bookmark not to lose”.

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Author: Julija Tihonova

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