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The weather of Ireland

The weather of Ireland

If you talk to people who don’t live in a country such as England or Ireland,
they are always tell you that the weather is bad. But is it really the truth what they say about the weather in Ireland or England?

I have been to Ireland for almost 3 months now and most of the time the weather is beautiful. Not too hot and definitely not too cold. But for sure, the weather in Ireland is much better than in other countries. Now that autumn is upon us, Ireland shows its most beautiful and colourful side of the year. The parks are full of red, green and orange leafs and when the sun goes down, the cities shine in a beauty you can’t explain. But the most important thing is that it hasn’t rained all the time. Of course there are days where you only want to stay at home because of the rain but any other country has these days as well. For me, the weather of Ireland as well as the weather of England is not that bad.

And don’t forget the fact that Ireland wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is if there would be only sunny days, without rain and clouds! I mean, all these green meadows and landscapes, for which people come to Ireland to visit, are results of these rainy and moisty days. That should be the logical consequence of rain.

The mostly unknown fact is that the average temperature of Ireland lies between 6 – 15 degrees. In Germany, the average temperature in winter is under 0 degrees but therefore our summer is very hot with over 30 degrees. Now you can decide which one is better. I love both, the weather of Ireland and the weather of Germany.

But just to be safe, I would recommend you to visit Ireland from June to October.
You won’t regret your stay.

And to be on the safe side, don’t forget your umbrella!


By Bianca Schlereth

Source: Google Images

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