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What Do You Really Need to be Successful?

Success, a strange word to be honest and this not only because it is spelled with two Cs and Ss. It is something the whole world talks about. It actually already starts when you are a kid, and you tell your parents “Mom, Dad, when I grow up I want to be a Princess, lawyer, teacher, vet, doctor……. Whatever”. You are always pushed to achieve the best results possible and if you do not meet people’s expectations then you will definitely have to put up with some lame comments and rolling eyes.
Is this how we should measure success, just on grades, just on our profession, just on the type of car that we park in our garage and install expensive security systems in order not to be robbed. Apparently this is exactly where we are.success

Just take a moment to ask yourself. Whom would you describe as successful? Is it now pictures of Wall Street or Hollywood that browse through your mind? Money, Glamour, brands, cars, mansions and yachts, university degrees, a great job? Sure all these things are nice to have and they truly have their perks. You always have to think about the simple fact, however, that only a tiny part of the world’s really has those thing.

So we should not just aspire to riches and glamour an all those things that, let’s face it, are just untouchable for most people. We have to be realistic yet don’t let ourselves be dragged down by the idea that someone else may have more than we do. We can only influence our life. What often helps many people to feel better is to look at what they have got and not on what they don’t have. If window shopping makes you sad, just don’t do it. Concentrate on the positive things in your life. Like the old saying has it “Misfortune is fortune in disguise”.

Do you have a family? Do you have kids? I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate you on all the things you have achieved as a wife, husband, mother or father. And isn’t it true, even though raising kids is quite the challenge, if you hear your child laugh or if you can see the happiness radiating from its face when you come home from work. Why not say thank you more often and show appreciation, why not make more people smile on the street by just saying hello to your neighbour for a change instead of wishing he would not return from his holiday to some exotic place.
Or just tell the old lady, that you see almost everyday sitting on the same bench in the park, that you wish her a nice day.
Don’t you agree that those sort of things are real success? What is money? Something that could lose its value over night. The past has shown it. True success lies in yourself, in the relationships you have, in your friends, your kids, your spouse or partner. Isn’t it nice to know that there is always someone you can count on? Being happy and fulfilled, also with small things, this is true success.

What are your thoughts on success? Please feel free to leave a comment.

Author: Thomas Koeck

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