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Lost in Translation: Zombie Party

This time we will talk about a curious case. I just wonder, why would you do that? It may be hard to believe but in the cinema we also use new English tittles for the Spanish version. I mean NEW. The most recent tittle, actually the most recent one I can remember, is Shaun of the dead (2004, Edgar Wright). It was called “Zombie party” in Spain. I keep wondering why they chose that English tittle, but lets talk about the facts.

People in costumes partying in front of the house with red light decor


In 2001 Zak Snider directed his own remake of Romero’s Dawn of the dead (1978, George A. Romero). With the same name, the Snider’s film was a zombies film about a group of fellows that are trapped in a mall. This film, the first one of this director, was a complete success so everybody started making zombie films again. Of course some zombies comedies would  come up to. Films such as Fido (2006, Andrew Currie)  orZombieland (2009, Ruben Fleischer) would appear. One of the first comedies in this second zombie wave was Shaun of the dead.

That was the perfect tittle for a Down of the dead parody. The second meaning of this tittle make you think in the right direction. You know what are you going to watch. Although this was a film that also attract people who had watched the zombies films in the 70’s and 80’s, the spanish marketing department tried to attract the teenagers attention with another tittle “Zombie party”.

Them may I ask, what is the point to use a new English tittle? One of this mystery we just can wonder an guess its reason d’être.

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