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English is an Indo-European language that falls under the West Germanic Language group. You can expect to see in the English language a few similarities to other Germanic languages like Dutch, Frisian and German. The English language was first spoken in England and now is considered a global lingua franca because it’s usually considered the primary foreign language spoken in most countries around the globe.As a modern universal language, English is spoken in at least 70 countries and ranks as the most popular studied foreign language in the world. English is an official languageof the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the European Union and many other nations.

Studies have proven that the Mother Tongue or Native Speaker Principle does not have much relevance when it comes to accurate translations. Interestingly, studies have proven that the translator’s competence as a translator ultimately determines the accuracy of a translation from source to target language. Therefore, the translator’s overall experience as a translator, the translator’s cultural experiences and the translator’s prior knowledge of the source and target languages all work together to produce high-quality translations.

Our language experts at Translit are trained to translate documents from English to other languages with contextual accuracy. So, expect your documents to read perfectly when translated. All translations are fully certified and can be verified by Notary Public or Solicitor if required. That way, if you have documents that need to be certified in other countries, we can have those documents notarised for you and legalised with an Apostille on it.

Our prices are also very reasonable—some of the best you can find in Ireland.

We love meeting with our customers, but we know this is not always convenient. All it takes is a scanned image or an emailed photo for us to get a quote ready for your work. All we need is a clear image to get started on your translations.

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