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The Finnish language —along with the Hungarian and Estonian languages—belongs to the Uralic/Yukaghir language family. Under the Uralic language family, Finnish falls under the Finno-Ugric group. Although Finnish is one of the official languages of the European Union, it is only a native language to approximately one percent of the EU population (about 5 million people).

Finland is made up of 95% of the Finnish speaking population. The remaining Finnish speakers are in territories that use Finnish as an official minority language such asdesignated regions in Sweden, Karelian-Russia and most of the regions north of Norway.

There aretwo versions of the modern Finnish language: written and spoken. Prior to going to school, all Finnish speaking children learn a spoken version of Finnish called puhekieli, which has regional dialectal differences.  Written Finnish, kirjakiel, isn’t learned until children start school. Kirjakiel is literally translated as “book language.”

All major written forms of communication are written in kirjakiel, but common communications—including social media communications and television shows—use puhekieli. When translating English to Finnish, translators need to be aware of both types of Finnish and whether the written material warrants the more formal version of the language (i.e., as in legal documents) or the less formal version of the language (i.e., as in email memos).

With Translit, you can expect to receive the best translation services Ireland and Europe has to offer when it comes to English to Finnish and Finnish to English translation services. We have a proven system that will take the complexity out of keeping legal documents.  So, don’t worry about understanding your legal documents because our editors are skilled at making sure your documents are contextually accurate. 

Your English to Finnish and Finnish to English documents will be completely certified by our team of Finnish translators. Our Finnish translators will translate your documents and proofread your orders to ensure accuracy. We put your mind at ease because all your birth certificates, civil documents, marriage certificates, criminal records, power of attorney documents, adoption papers, court decisions, etc.  will be done proficiently with a fast turn-around.

Our language experts at Translit are trained to translate documents from a variety of industries (i.e., academic, financial, legal,  medical, technical, etc.). All translations are fully certified and can be verified by Notary Public or Solicitor if required. That way, if you have documents that need to be certified in other countries, we can have those documents notarised for you and legalised with an Apostille on it.

Translit guarantees accurate document translations, so expect your documents to read perfectly when translated. Our prices are also very reasonable—some of the best you can find in Ireland.

We love meeting with our customers, but we know this is not always convenient. So, don’t worry about needing to see us in person. All it takes is a scanned image or an emailed photo for us to get a quote ready for your work. All we need is a clear image to get started on your translations.

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